We live in an ever changing world that evolves faster and faster. With time, technology is set to Foray into every industry and change our lives and the way we do things. Some of the statistics below showcases these events as they happen.

We at GlobalCodex have great passion to ignite your child’s interest, curiosity, and intrinsically motivate them to explore new technologies, using platforms which will grow and evolve in the 21st century.

GlobalCodex’s curriculum is designed to build on this natural curiosity which  channels the children’s enthusiasm into a lifelong love for learning, discovery and understanding technology. 

The program challenges each child to develop logical and creative thinking, problem solving, presentation, communication skil and digital marketing skills.

Education and Training Partners

Global Codex equips you with crucial 21st-century skills and educates you to innovate with different technologies based on your passion.

Robotics Centre of Excellence

International Partnerships

Career Focus (With individual attention)

10 Domain of Robotics

Industry Oriented International Curicullum

Customized Hands-on Kit

Creation of SOLO (Self Organized Learning Environment)

ICT through Robotics

Adaptive Skill Assessment Test (ASAT)

Partner With Us

Meet our partner, D.I.Y.A. Labs (Do It Yourself Academy), a distinguished training provider specializing in AI, Animation, Robotics, Fundamental App Development and Internet of Things.

Our online courses are internationally certified by the National Computing Centre (NCC), UK thus ensuring global standards of education through guided learning and combined structure of both self paced learning and live sessions

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