Preparing your child for the future

We at Global Codex use our industry oriented international co-curricular experience to equip our children with skills for the future. We provide trainings for Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Technology and 3D printing technology

why global codex?

Global Codex collaborates with the most awarded and internationally certified  futuristic education enterprise D.I.Y.A (Do It Yourself Academy)

We have great passion to ignite your child’s interest and intrinsically motivate them to explore new technologies and platforms which will grow and evolve in the 21st century.

Nearly 75 % of students say that “every student should be able to use a mobile device during the school day for learning.”

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will be more prevalent in future, Bitcoin and Etherium are very likely to be accepted as a popular payment method.

More than 70% of the world will use mobile devices to connect to the internet, leading to more applications being developed and ecommerce more widely used.

Digital Marketing is increasing in popularity due to its cost effectiveness, targeting audiences, easy tracking and better conversion rates

Why computer programming, scripting or coding?

Technology will continue to foray and grow in many different sectors as humanity becomes more dependent on and find more convenience with machines. From the corporate world to logistics, to commerce and trade, to farming and even healthcare, technology is set to provide us with more tools and facilities for our future

Computer programming or coding will become a fundamental skill and quite possibly a prerequisite in schools and colleges in every field in the future. As we humans continue to be more connected, we aim to help you to prepare your child for the future

Logical Thinking

Developing software means you have to conceptualize your idea and build it step by step, this is the base of logical thinking

Problem Solving

Learn how to overcome difficult obstacle while learning a programming language to create something

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is a way of looking at problem from a fresh perspective and perhaps consider solutions that are out of the box

Team Communication Skills

We educate on the importance of teamwork and communication to solve problems and how to reach out to others to help and get assistance

Presentation Skills

We teach students to organize presentations day for kids to showcase their projects.

Digital Marketing and Communication skills

From using the computer software, entertainment, and development. You can learn everything you can do with a computer by learning to code.

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meet our TEAM

Our Team is well qualified with well recognized accomplishments and years of experience  in education. We ensure engaging, fascinating, interactive and educational lessons so your children get the basic knowledge and social skills required for the digitized world.


Global Codex Academy empowers kids to become makers. But don't just take our word for it! Check out how Global Codex is transforming the way kids learn coding.

Nurul loves going to her computer class every week. Her favorite part of the class is when she can play the games which she created using Scratch. It’s a great opportunity to have this available in the community so young kids can learn to code at the same time they learn to read and write.

Computers continue to change the world around us. I believe when John and other children learn to write programs, it stretches their mind and helps them think in a logical manner. Every week, John is very excited to attend coding classes and share his experiences with friends.

My daughter attended Animation & Artificial Intelligence class.She had lots of fun, made new friends, and learned the fundamentals of AI and Animation. Thereafter, she has developed an interest in AI and explores its applications in projects such as gaming and robotics – this gives her a great head start for logical thinking and problem solving. I will certainly enroll her in up and coming intakes.

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